Obama administration pushes back introduction of 2017-2025 fuel economy regs

The Obama administration has delayed its planned introduction of its 2017-2025 fuel economy regulations.

The Obama administration will delay the official unveiling of its 2025 fuel economy regulations by two months. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was slated to unveil the new regulations - which will require a 54.5mpg fleet average by 2025 - by month's end, but says that announcement will now occur in mid-November.

The NHTSA and Environmental Protection Agency were scheduled to make a joint announcement of the 2017-2025 fuel economy regulations in California this month, but have decided to delay that event as more coordination is needed with the state of California.

"Given the historic nature of this joint rule between EPA and DOT, as well as the necessary coordination with California, it was recently determined that additional time was needed and we expect to issue a proposal for MY 2017-2025 vehicles by mid-November," NHTSA spokeswoman Lynda Tran said.

The rules were expected to be finalized by July 2011, but that could be pushed back as a result of the latest delay.

President Obama announced the new regulations in July with the support of 13 major automakers.

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