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650-horsepower Bentley Continental GT2 on the way?

by Drew Johnson

Bentley will reportedly launch a 650 horsepower version of its Continental model next year.

Bentley is said to be working on a new Continental flagship model that will produce even more horsepower than the current Supersports. Dubbed the Continental GT2, the new super Bentley is expected to arrive next year.

Topping the 621 horsepower Continental Supersports is no easy task, but the GT2 will reportedly arrive with 650 horsepower. It remains to be seen, thought, if Bentley's newest super coupe will use the company's W12 engine or its latest 4.4L twin-turbocharged V8. Both engine are said to be capable of generating that kind of horsepower.

But power will just be part of the GT2's story as the car will also shed about 440 pounds. Insiders say the car will be able to accelerate from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds and hit a top speed north of 200mph. It remains possible that the GT2 could could even arrive with rear-wheel drive.

"I definitely think there is room for a car with more power than the Supersport," Bentley head Wolfgang Durheimer told Auto Express. "I also think some of what we did with the Supersport in the past wasn't quite right. For example, it should not be a two-seater. That layout should be reserved for the top-line cars."

Given the Continental GT2's alleged 2012 launch date, we should learn more about the car in the coming months.

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