Why Steve Jobs' SL55 AMG never had license plates

Steve Jobs left a massive legacy and many questions, one of which we have the answer to.

Had you ever attempted to stalk now-deceased and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs as he was driving (likely to or from work), you might have noticed the lack of license plates. We now know why.

During a recent 60 Minutes interview, Walter Isaacson, the man who wrote Jobs' autobiography, was asked why Jobs never had license plates, to which he shared a story about a discussion that he had with Jobs, which ultimately didn't truly answer the question.

Isaacson asked Jobs, "Why don't you have a license plate?" To which Jobs replied, "Well, I don't want people following me." After a bit of back and fourth, the conversation ultimately ended with an answer that really answered nothing, "Because I don't have a license plate," was Jobs' final answer.

But rather than remain a mystery for all-time, Jon Callas, a former Apple executive, explained to David Heath of IT Wire that Jobs had signed a special leasing agreement which saw the replacement of his Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG every six months - which happened to be the maximum time someone can go without getting license plates in the state of California.

So in reality, Jobs just got a fresh lease every six months, effectively beating the system and his stalkers in one fell swoop.

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