SEMA Live: Mazda's 263 horsepower Turbo2 concept

Mazda's high-performance Turbo2 concept has taken to the SEMA stage.

Proving that good things can come in small packages, Mazda has unveiled its Turbo2 concept at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Although Mazda is keeping tight lipped on the subject, the Turbo2 could stand as an early preview of a performance-minded Mazdaspeed2 model.

The Mazda2 currently hails as one of the best driving cars in its class, but some have complained about the car's meager 100 horsepower. However, any concerns involving power have been alleviated with the Turbo2 show car.

Rather than simply added a turbocharger to the 2's 1.5L four-cylinder, Mazda swapped out that unit for the same 2.3L turbo-four found under the hood of the Mazdaspeed3. As a result, the Turbo2 boasts and impressive 263 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque.

Although a Mazdaspeed2 could still be on the way, it seems unlikely Mazda would impede on the 3's territory with such a powerful engine. Still, crazier things have happened so stay tuned to this space for any updates.