Subaru promises performance for next-gen STI

New word from Subaru on the development of the STI is sure to ease fears of fans.

When Subaru launched the latest generation of its Impreza sedan and hatchback, it did so without the usual range-topping WRX STI performance models - leaving some fans worried about the future of the brand and its devotion to performance models.

Leftlane previously reported that anonymous inside sources suggested a 330 horsepower 2.0-liter Boxer engine would power the next STI, but now we have more concrete confirmation thanks to Tom Doll, executive VP of Subaru in America, who spoke at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

After revealing the BRZ STI concept car, the Subaru exec went on to address reporters and confirmed that the next-gen STI will in fact have a 300+ horsepower turbocharged engine, quelling rumors and fears that the model be go the hybrid route and abandon all-out performance.

Expect the next-gen WRX STI to break cover as a 2013 model year vehicle.