Dressed-up man goes on random rampage at Mazda dealer!

A man in a vest and tie did more than $50,000 in damage to a San Diego Mazda dealer's lot!

It plays like something out of a video game: Mass destruction of private property at the hands of one man wearing a tie and a vest while wielding a blunt object and a rock. But Edward Roth's seemingly random vandalism spree at a San Diego Mazda dealership is real, as is the estimated $50,000 in damage.

Police aren't sure why Roth, 22, attacked an entire line of brand new vehicles at John Hine Mazda in San Diego before taking on the showroom and vandalizing offices.

The dealership says that Roth has never had any interaction with them. He has not purchased a car or serviced a car at their facility, which makes his rampage all the more random.

In the video (here), he can be seen talking on a cell phone before throwing it at a Mazda CX-9 crossover. That's when the attacks begin; the innocent CX-9 had its door brutally kicked before Roth went on to attack several Mazda3 and Mazda6 models. Caught in the crossfire was a customer car that had been dropped off for service.

Police suspect that Roth might have come from a nearby bar before stopping at the dealership's empty parking lot to take a phone call - one that apparently went terribly wrong.

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