Coolant identified as Volt fire source, solution near, sources say

The drama surrounding the Chevrolet Volt's spontaneous combustion is now centered around the battery pack's coolant.

Several sources have come forward with new information regarding the rapidly advancing discussions and investigations into the spontaneous combustion that has seemingly stemmed from damaged battery packs in the Chevy Volt, painting a clear picture of what is next to come.

Multiple unidentified sources with inside knowledge on the ongoing testing of the Volt's battery packs have announced through the Associated Press that the coolant has been identified as the true source of the fires, not for catching fire itself, but rather by crystallizing and then creating a short circuit.

But just as that information surfaced, other sources told Reuters that General Motors is well along in reworking the battery pack in hopes of eliminating the fire risk. The suggested repairs involve adding lamination to the battery pack's circuity, as well as reinforcing the lithium-ion battery itself and better protecting the coolant so that it is less likely to leak in the first place.

According to the sources, the fix GM believes it is near finished creating would be relatively quickly and easily applied to vehicles at the dealership level, costing the automaker about $1,000 per car, or nearly $9 million.

For now, the details of the source of the problem and a potential fix are not yet confirmed either by GM or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but expect an update in the relatively near future from official outlets here on Leftlane.

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