Man blows up his FJ Cruiser while sitting inside!

One very lucky man is counting his lucky stars after accidentally blowing his Toyota FJ Cruiser up while inside.

One Canadian man is thankful to be alive today after having a brush with death this morning while sitting in his Toyota FJ Cruiser after finding out the hard way that acetylene is no joke.

The owner of what once was a complete yellow and white Toyota FJ Cruiser is thankful to be alive, albeit without the use of his right ear and a with slight scratch on the back of his head after he found out first hand what happens when you let an acetylene tank leak inside your vehicle over night and then provide an ignition source.

A member of enthusiast forum ColoradoK5 came across the images and story surrounding the incident on another local forum, and another member also witnessed the carnage first-hand at a salvage yard.

The story posted by the man who survived the explosion explained that the valve to the acetylene tank he was transporting in his FJ had been bumped, which caused it to leak over night. The next morning, upon smelling the leaked acetylene, the owner decided to drive the truck out of the garage. Amazingly, starting the truck didn't cause the damage, but rather when he attempted to use his power windows to let more fresh air into the vehicle, the electric signal instantly triggered a massive explosion that tore the FJ open like a tin can... made largely of fiberglass, of course.

Luckily for the owner, the nature of acetylene explosions makes them - in some cases - a bit preferable over others that would have involved more harmful flame and destruction of the deadly kind.

Not all acetylene explosions will be so forgiving, as another of the forum members shared this rather chilling footage from an unrelated acetylene explosion that claimed a van in Australia.

1.'Local FJ Cruiser...' view
2.'Images Courtesy of ColoradoK5'