Big bows aren't impressing buyers this holiday season

New car shoppers just aren't buying holiday ads this season.

'Tis the season for holiday car ads, but a new report could have a few automakers saying 'Bah, humbug!'

Although long a staple of the holiday season, a new report from advertising evaluation firm Ace Metrix reveals that holiday-themed ads are failing to attract customers, especially in the luxury segment.

"It's astounding that four of the 'top 10' luxury automobile ads were below norm," said Ace Metrix CEO, Peter Daboll. He added that the poor showings was a sign "many automotive brands have stepped away from good creative and fallen back on 'Buy it now, you idiot' messaging wrapped up in sales events and bows."

Lexus' "December to Remember" sales event has scored particularly low this season. Customers have been put off by Lexus' notion of buying a loved one an expensive luxury vehicle during these tough economic times.

"When we started looking at cars with bows and yet another Toytathon, it was enough, already," Daboll said. "To suggest that someone buy a Lexus for his spouse in these economic times..."

Although not holiday-themed, Daboll noted that Chevrolet's "First Hundred Years" 60-second television commercial has scored well, attributing its success to an emotional response.

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