Ultra-rare Jaguar XJ220S to go under the hammer

Ultra-rare 1993 Jaguar supercar classic set to go under the hammer on January 19.

An ultra-rare Jaguar XJ220S set go under the auction hammer in Arizona with RM Auctions this month. The model in question, one of only six street legal versions ever made, is expected to go for between $225,000 and $300,000.

The XJ220S was the race going version of the XJ200S. Both were developed under the watchful eye of Tom Walkinshaw Racing, although TWR were also asked to develop the GT track version known as the XJ200C. However, under rules of the race category six street-legal versions were required to be homologated, hence the birth of the XJ220S.

The XJ220S was stripped of most of its XJ220 aluminum bodywork, which was then replaced with carbon fiber. Additional changes included the addition of a front splitter, wider sills and a larger rear wing. This resulted in the 680 horsepower twin-turbo V6 having to push only 2,379 lbs.

Apparently not satisfied with this arrangement, the eight-year owner of the XJ220S up for auction took it back to TWR to make some further modifications. At a cost of $20,000, he had TWR install a new exhaust and some engine upgrades pushing its output up to a whopping 700 hp.

Finishing touches that help to make this XJ220S truly one-of-a-kind include a custom paint job that sets out to match a Lamborghini color, Reventon Gray. Further, the leather interior has also been refurbished and Infiniti projector headlights have been added. Also refurbished are the car's magnesium alloy wheels, although all-told, the current owner only notched up just 1,200 miles since he took custodianship of it.

The 1993 Jaguar supercar classic is Lot 127 at the Arizona auction that will take place on Thursday, January 19.