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Cadillac reiterates: "No XTS-V is planned"

by Mark Kleis

Cadillac confirms (again) that the newest member of the Cadillac family won't get the V treatment.

When General Motors first unveiled the Cadillac XTS large front-wheel and all-wheel drive sedan it said straight away that it had no intention of producing a V-Series variant, opting instead for the opulent Platinum treatment.

But inquiring minds and hopeful enthusiasts have continued to dig on the subject, prompting Don Butler, vice president-marketing for Cadillac, to clarify to Ward's Auto that the only future power upgrades for the XTS will come in the form of an added turbocharged for the V6, but no full V-treatment.

"[The] CTS and ATS are performance vehicles," Butler said. "The XTS isn't a performance vehicle, so "˜no' to a V version."

Considering that the XTS, unlike the CTS or ATS, isn't rear-wheel drive-based, the decision is likely a sound one that will help to preserve the sanctity (read: market value) of the V-Series branding. A turbocharger will likely be more than enough for the typical XTS buyer in terms of performance needs, and if flash and and bling is all they desire, Cadillac already confirmed that every model would get either the V-Series or Platinum treatment - meaning "Platinum it is!" for the XTS.