Tesla not to let journalists test Model S before start of deliveries

Tesla's Elon Musk has revealed a rather interesting plan of action for getting the Tesla Model S to market.

Tesla Motors held its fourth quarter and full-year financial results conference call, as well as an extensive Q&A session last night with investors and journalists - revealing an aspect of the Model S' market introduction plans that may not sit well with many journalists.

It's fairly standard procedure for automakers to plan a vehicle introduction timeline that allows for automotive journalists to sample a new or updated vehicle at least a couple weeks (if not more) before heading to dealer lots. But Tesla's founder and CEO, Elon Musk, revealed last night that scheduling will not allow for any sampling of the Model S before customers begin taking deliveries.

This announcement could truly be nothing more than the result of a young company struggling to get technologically advanced products to market as soon as possible, but to investors this news may also be worrisome as some could speculate a lack of confidence in the product as a driving factor in the decision to withhold sample vehicles from journalists before customers begin signing their names on the dotted line.

Should customers be worried? Musk doesn't believe so, advising the banking investor who asked the question that customers will likely be able to sell the Model S for more than they paid for it should they not be happy with the vehicle due to the high demand and limited supply that will be trickling out from the automaker.

For now, Tesla doesn't seem to be worried about the arrangement - with Musk even boasting that the recent Model X reveal boosted Model S reservations as well. For more details or images on the Tesla Model S, be sure to visit our Buyers Guide page.