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Geneva LIVE: Land Rover Range Rover Evoque convertible concept

by Drew Johnson

Land Rover has popped the top on its Evoque SUV.

Following in the footsteps of Nissan, Land Rover has unveiled a convertible version of its Evoque SUV at the Geneva Motor Show. Nissan recently launched a convertible version of its Murano utility vehicle.

The Evoque convertible arrived in Geneva in concept form, but Land Rover says it could make a decision on whether the drop top will make production in a matter of weeks.

If given the green light, it would be another two years before the Evoque convertible landed in showrooms. Land Rover would need that time to fully engineer the SUV's body for an open-top configuration.

The Evoque convertible utilizes a conventional retractable soft top, which saves on weight and allows for better packaging. Land Rover says the Evoque convertible requires about 165 pounds worth of additional chassis reinforcements.

The Evoque convertible's options would be nearly identical to that of its hard-top counterpart. Sun lovers would be able to order their Evoque convertible with front or all-wheel drive, and - at least in Europe - with a choice of gas and diesel engines. Even the standard Evoque's Terrain Response and surround cameras would remain on offer.

Land Rover is currently inundated with more than 60,000 order for the regular Evoque - with 50,000 already sold - but it's clear the British automaker has a desire to produce something along the lines of the Evoque convertible.

The convertible option would add about 10-15 percent to the cost of a standard Evoque, which would make it about $50,000 here in the United States.