Carlos Ghosn confirms Datsun revival for 2014

Datsuns will only be sold in India, Indonesia, and Russia.

A long-standing rumor in the auto industry is that Nissan will revive the Datsun brand that it shelved almost thirty years ago.

As of this morning, the rumors are no more: Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has confirmed in a meeting with Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono that the Datsun brand will live again starting in 2014. The brand was given a new logo that is slightly inspired by the one found on Nissans.

Don't expect to see a retro-styled 260Z coupe show up at your local Nissan dealer any time soon. The revived Datsun brand will slot under the Nissan brand as an anti-Infiniti. Its lineup will be entirely made up of low-cost and entry-level cars, and Ghosn says that they will only be sold in India, Indonesia, and Russia.

If the brand's launch is a success, Datsuns could also make their way to South America before the end of the decade, but seeing them in Europe and in North America is very unlikely at this point.

The revival of the Datsun brand is part of an attempt on Nissan's part to drastically increase its presence in lucrative emerging markets around the globe. The company has announced that it is about to invest '¥330 billion ($3.9 billion) in Indonesia in order to increase its production capacity there to 250,000 units by 2014.

Part of its investment will go towards modernizing and expanding its factory, located about 50 miles away from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. When the construction work is done, the factory will be one of the largest Nissan facilities in the ASEAN region.