21st century Facel Vega to debut in Frankfurt?

One of the most prestigious French brands in the post-war auto industry might soon rise from its ashes.

Facel Vega was a small French automaker that existed from 1954 to 1964. It built exquisite luxury sedans and coupes, and at the time it was often billed as the French version of Rolls Royce. Since the brand's demise there have been numerous rumors of a potential revival, but nothing has ever materialized. That might just change next fall when the Paris Motor Show opens its doors to the public. Several mysterious images of a modern day Facel Vega coupe have surfaced on the internet. At this point, both the nature of the project and who is behind it are unclear. Certain rumors circulating around the French media indicate that the car is merely the work of ambitious design students. Other sources claim that there is currently a full-fledged effort to resurrect the brand and that the car depicted by the images might be launched in 2014 or 2015. So far, the only images released have been sketches and computer-generated teasers, but they look promising. The sketches of the interior show a 2+2 coupe that is fitted with four bucket seats and a leather-upholstered dashboard. The concept features a set of Facel Vega-badged luggage made out of white carbon fiber. The exterior design heavily borrows styling cues from the Facel Vegas of yore, including the shape of the grille, the shape of the headlights, and the wrap-around windshield. However, the concept's overall body has a sportier stance than the cars that inspired it, and it appears to be much bigger than any of Facel's previous coupes. At the time of writing, no technical details are available. More information about this enigmatic French coupe will be available in the coming months.

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