Meet Terii, Honda's new anti-theft negotiator [Video]

Not quite content with standard car alarms, Honda has created a far more pro-active solution.

It's no secret that when the average car alarm goes off, the response by thieves or the nearby public is to hardly bat an eye. Not for long.

Meet Terii, the most advanced vehicle theft-deterrent system ever made. Well, according to Honda at least.

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Rather than simply honking its horn and flashing its lights, Terii goes to work immediately once its advanced touchpoint biometric technology determines the individual attempting to gain access to the vehicle is not the owner. Terii uses a myriad of techniques to deter theft, ranging from suggesting alternative target vehicles nearby, to warning the would-be thief that the vehicle's Bluetooth system has taken their address book information and know where they live.

Think this will stop a thief near you? Honda says it will be available across its lineup beginning in 2013. Wink wink.