Bugatti Veyron model made entirely out of A4 paper [Video]

Graphic design company Visual Spicer has created a version of the Bugatti Veyron that we can all afford using nothing more than A4 paper and a color printer.

One-man graphic design studio Tarak Lesko/Visual Spicer has developed what may be the cheapest way to own a beautiful incarnation of $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron, reports Jalopnik.

The papercraft model of the Bugatti Veyron uses 44 A4 pages, which are then turned into 159 parts. When completed, the result is a 2.5 foot long model that is put together using a combination of glue and sticky tape. As the video hints (going by the number of shirt changes) the model probably took Lesko around 5 to 6 days of spare time to put together.

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Lesko has also posted instructions on how to put the model together, as well as the color templates required to create the model. While they have been posted for free, he welcomes any donations that users may offer to volunteer for his efforts in designing the model and publishing the plans on how to put it together. Lesko says that the model was specially designed so that any hobbyist can easily enjoy the process of putting it together.

Lesko is also known for his work on the Forza 4 Motorsport game on the Xbox 360. He designed all of the user interface screens for the game, as well as other promotional media for the game's launch. His website highlights both his client work and personal projects, which includes his interest in developing papercraft models.

The beauty of Lesko's Bugatti Veyron creation is how well the design language has been preserved given the medium of its construction. Lesko has nailed the two-tone look and the proportions of the original design as well as can be imagined. We can see this being the perfect way to spend some quality time with the kids, or without, over the next vacation putting it together.