The Top 10 Cars for Mom on Mother's Day

Looking to spoil Mom this year? Buy her a car.

Mothers, your day has arrived. While most sons and daughters will be making a bee line for the local florist, we think Mom deserves to be really spoiled this year.

After all, who carried you for nine months? Sorry, Dad.

The Leftlane staff put our heads together to come up with a list of 10 vehicles we think most mothers would be delighted to see in their driveways on Mother's Day. What follows is a no-particular-order group of 10 wildly different cars that seem mother-approved to us. We left our list totally open-ended... as long as it has four wheels and can be bought new today by someone with at least a somewhat reasonable budget, it was considered.

What does your mother currently drive? What do you think she'd like to be driving in the future? Share your thoughts below.

The Top 10 Cars for Mom on Mother's Day
Honda Odyssey. Minivans and mothers are an obvious stereotype, but that's clearly quite all right with many parents. Honda's latest Odyssey boasts unique styling and class-leading fuel economy along with arguably the most innovative interior ever put into a passenger car. Cubbies, storage pockets, cup holders, fold-flat seats and other conveniences abound.

Chevrolet Corvette. Mom might drive a family truckster, but you know she really wants something with a little power and style. Chevrolet's evergreen Corvette lineup is the best it has ever been - both on road and on a track. And it's an astoundingly good value equation, even if its price continues to creep upward. Just make sure you sign Mom up for an SCCA driving school first!

Volkswagen Beetle. VW has done the impossible by once again recreating a classic. This time, the Beetle brings with it a little mojo, including a more squat appearance and a pair of desirable turbocharged powertrains. Depending on Mom's disposition, she might like the eco-friendly diesel-powered Beetle TDI or she might be better suited with the zippy Beetle Turbo.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Lengthy name aside, this new smallest of Range Rovers is a heck of a package. More adept on road than off (but still reasonably decent when the pavement ends), it benefits from a few interior styling touches by Victoria Beckham. Mrs. Beckham, a mother of four, does apparently know a thing or two about style, if the even more verbose Land Rover Range Rover Evoque with Victoria Beckham is any indication.

Volvo XC70. For decades, Volvo wagons were mom-mobiles of choice for many families, but a push toward more rugged-looking crossovers has seen the classic boxy five-door fall out of fashion in North America. Now, the only wagon in Volvo's U.S. lineup is a faux crossover: The slightly lifted XC70, which boasts a little off road capability but doesn't lose its Volvo practicality. You could live in the cargo area of one of these!

Volkswagen Eos. We don't necessarily want to admit it, but we really like the Eos. It's not all that fun to drive and it's not a great value, but VW's folding hardtop convertible is a worthy successor to the long-lived Cabrio line (even if the Eos is quite a bit larger). Its integrated moonroof really makes it a four-season, no compromise droptop, too.

Mercedes-Benz SLK. We were tempted to toss one of our favorite cars, the Mazda MX-5 Miata, on this list, but then we realized that Moms deserve a little more. The SLK isn't quite as fun to drive, but a recent redesign upped its sporting game. If you really want to put a smile on Mom's face, give her the AMG-modified SLK55, which has one of the most aggressive exhaust notes this side of NASCAR.

Lexus RX. Despite serious competition from Cadillac, Lexus still pretty much owns the luxury crossover segment. And while Toyota's premium division doesn't readily reveal such statistics, it doesn't take much more than a glance around to see that the Lexus RX is exceedingly popular among female buyers. Who can blame them? The RX is easy, if not engaging, to drive, and its interior is full of thoughtful storage options.

Fiat 500c. Fiat launched its 500 in North America with a female-oriented ad campaign headlined by Jennifer Lopez... and it didn't work very well. Now, the brand is trying to get more in touch with male buyers through, of all people, Charlie Sheen. But no matter the target market, the Fiat 500 is always a good time, especially with its folding roof pushed back. Pop for the Gucci edition and you'll really find favor with your mother, assuming she's a fashion savant.

Chrysler 300. You want to spoil Mom with a luxurious and comfortable ride, but you don't want to lay out high-end cash, eh? Chrysler's 300 might be right up your alley. Inside and out, its style competes with the best of the best - especially with a pair of available design packages that boast innovative trim materials - but its mid-$30,000-range price tag and 31 mpg highway ratings will register approval with even the most frugal bean counter.