Brabus launches Private Aviation tuning division

After cars and yachts Brabus is turning to private jets.

After customizing yachts and high-end cars, Germany's Brabus is looking to reach new customers by expanding its business upwards - literally.

The well-known tuning company has just launched a new division called Private Aviation that aims to customize private jets. Brabus says that it prefers to modify small narrow-body jets built by companies like Bombardier and Dassault Falcon but it can make an exception and work on larger aircrafts if needed.

Most of the modifications take place inside the cabin where customers can design almost everything from scratch. The first step is picking a seating layout: What kind of seats, how many of them, which way they are facing and so on.

Once the layout has been finalized buyers move on to aesthetic modifications. Some of the available options include several types of leather and Alcantra upholstery, wood or carbon fiber trim and LED ambient lighting.

Brabus also offers an in-flight entertainment system that it designed in-house. It is meant to connect with an Apple iPad or iPhone and it can be removed from the jet and easily integrated into a car once the plane has landed.

The modifications don't stop there: Brabus even lets customers design their jet's paint job. The company is cautious and it warns that exterior modifications are more complicated than interior modifications since there are strict regulations about the livery of an aircraft.

For the time being it appears that Brabus does not plan on making any mechanical modifications to jet engines.

All of Brabus' private jet transformations take place in Germany.