Å koda reveals 2013 Rapid sedan ahead of Paris debut

The entry-level Rapid fills the gap between the Fabia hatchback and the Octavia sedan.

After publishing about a dozen teaser images, Volkswagen-owned ... koda has just released the first full photos of its all-new entry-level Rapid sedan.

... koda already sells a sedan called Rapid on the Indian market but the Europe-bound variant is significantly different. Heavily inspired by the MissionL concept that was revealed at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the Rapid inaugurates a new design language for the Czech brand that will gradually be applied to all of its models.

When it hits showrooms across the old continent, the Rapid will fill the gap between the Fabia hatchback and and the larger Octavia sedan in ... koda's lineup. It will carry a base price of just over â,¬13,000 ($16,400) and come generously equipped with standard ABS, ESP and numerous airbags. ... koda hopes that the long list of standard features will enable the Rapid to steal sales away from similarly-priced offerings built by competitors like Chevrolet, Hyundai and Kia.

To achieve the low base price, ... koda has reportedly borrowed a page out of Volkswagen's cost-cutting guide. The Rapid uses several components from its parent company's parts bin, including a torsion-beam rear suspension setup that is similar to the one found in the North American-spec Volkswagen Jetta.

Technical details were not released by ... koda but the Rapid's entry-level engine is expected to be a Volkswagen-sourced 1.2-liter TSI four-cylinder, available with either 85 horsepower or 105 horsepower. Diesel fans will be able to choose between two versions of Volkswagen's TDI turbodiesel mill, a 1.6-liter and a 2.0-liter.

The Rapid will be one of the stars of ... koda's stand at the Paris Motor Show next fall. More photos and a full set of technical details will be available in the weeks prior to the show.

SEAT, ... koda's sister company, will reveal its all-new Toledo sedan at the same show. The Toledo and the Rapid ride on the same platform.