Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S top list of fastest-selling cars for May

The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ were the fastest movers off dealer lots last month.

Whether it was media hype or a buyer hunger for inexpensive sports cars, the Scion FR-S and its Subaru BRZ twin spent the least amount of tome on dealer lots last month.

The more expensive starting price of the BRZ didn't keep it from spending just four days at dealers, while the Scion stuck around for just five days, on average.

The next best was Audi's TT-RS, at seven days, with the new Acura ILX fourth at eight and the Toyota Prius C fifth at 10, according to Edmunds. The industry average is 53 days.

Subaru builds both models at its Gunma Main Plant in Japan, and North American allocation for the first model year of the Subaru will be limited to just 6,000 units. There should be more Scions on-hand, though exactly how many isn't being revealed. Toyota/Scion expect to move about 10,000 examples during the first production year. This no doubt contributed to the cars' short stays at dealers, however.

The simple fact the cars are brand new also helps their popularity thanks to the gotta-have-it-first factor. Those with the patience to wait for the second model year will have the benefit of getting some of the teething problems for the inaugural model year to be ironed out and see how the vehicles depreciate.