Maserati GranSport will be powered by twin-turbo Ferrari V6?

The rumored GranSport would be squarely aimed at the Porsche 911 and next Audi R8.

The latest unconfirmed reports from the rumormill have Maserati's Porsche 911-fighting GranSport be powered by a Ferrari-developed, twin-turbo V6 rather than a naturally-aspirated V8, as believed before. The car will be based on the Alfa Romeo 4C, retaining its midships engine layout, but be larger overall. The car will directly compete with the next-generation Audi R8 and Porsche's latest 991-series 911s, but in the higher-performance GT3 and Turbo versions, AutoExpress reported. Thanks to platform-sharing, the car is estimated to cost £90,000 (about $140,000), and not about $200,000, as previously reported. A target weight of about 2,650lbs (1,200kg) is planned, which would undercut the current highest performance Maserati, the GranTurismo MC Stradale, by more than 1,200lbs. The body will make use of carbon fiber and composite materials. Compared to the 4C, however, the wheelbase and track will both be larger. The new engine will also reportedly do duty in a new Quattroporte sedan and the Kubang SUV. In the GranSport, it's said to make more than 450 horsepower thanks to the twin turbos. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission - adopted from the Ferrari 458 Italia - would bolt onto the engine, helping the car sprint to 60mph in less than four seconds and reach 190mph. The GranSport is likely to go on sale in 2015.

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