Greek cab driver hits 1 million kms with 2003 Mercedes E-Class

George Vassilakis estimates that his w211 E-Class currently has over 640,000 miles.

George Vassilakis, a taxi driver in Greece, has allegedly reached the coveted 1 million kilometer (621,000 miles) mark with a 2003 Mercedes-Benz E270 CDI, a diesel-burning mid-range w211 E-Class that was never sold in the United States.

Vassilakis bought the four-door sedan new and he says that it is still equipped with its original five-cylinder engine and six-speed manual transmission. Over the years he has changed the intercooler, the clutch and a nozzle inside of the turbocharger, but apart from that the car has always been content with regular maintenance.

Much to Vassilakis' chagrin the digital odometer stayed stuck at 999,999 instead of going back to zero. Vassilakis still drives the car every day for work and based on how much diesel he puts in the tank he estimates that it currently has approximately 1,030,000 kilometers, a figure which equates to roughly 640,000 miles.

If the w211's mileage can be verified by Mercedes-Benz Vassilakis might be eligible to trade it in for a brand new E-Class.

According to Mercedes' Classic Center the man who put the most miles on a Mercedes is Gregorios Sachinidis, also a Greek taxi driver. From 1981 to 2004 he logged an intergalactic 2.8 million miles on his 1976 w114 240D before donating it to the Mercedes-Benz museum in exchange for a new C200 CDI.

Vassilakis is far from Sachinidis' record but he likely holds the honor of having put the most miles on a last-generation w211 E-Class.

All photos courtesy of Greece's Autoblog.