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Lada unveils XRAY concept in Moscow [Video update]

by Ronan Glon

The XRAY previews the design direction that Lada will take over the next couple of years.

Russia's Lada has lifted the veil off of an unexpected concept called XRAY at the Moscow Motor Show that opened its doors earlier this week.

The XRAY is a two-door crossover that was penned by ex- Volvo designer Steve Mattin. Its low roofline is inspired by the Range Rover Evoque while its sculpted flanks are reminiscent of Citroën's DS lineup. The flat brown paint job serves as an indication that Lada is in tune with the latest trends in the premium segment.

With room for four, the XRAY's interior features two-tone leather-upholstered bucket seats, brushed aluminum trim and a retractable dash-mounted LCD screen for the infotainment system. Overall it is without a doubt the best-appointed Lada ever built but it is interesting to note that it still has a traditional ignition barrel instead of a more modern keyless system.

Although the Russian firm did not mention what engine lies in the XRAY's engine bay, the crossover is said to be fully functional.

Lada claims that the XRAY gives a very precise indication of the styling direction that it will take over the next couple of years. It also announces that Lada is planning on moving its entire lineup up a notch in order to shake the cheap and fragile image that has plagued it for almost three decades.

Although the XRAY is just a concept, we would not be surprised to see the successor to the seemingly eternal Niva borrow styling cues from it when it bows in four or five years.