Japan's Daihatsu shows off two-seater D-R concept

The Daihatsu D-R is powered by a turbocharged two-cylinder engine.

Japan's Daihatsu has traveled to the 20th Indonesian Motor Show to display a concept car called D-R. Not yet confirmed for production, the D-R is billed as a spiritual heir to the Copen roadster that was phased out earlier this year after a ten year-long production run.

The D-R hasn't changed since it made its first public appearance in Tokyo almost a year ago. Its overall silhouette is reminiscent of the aforementioned Copen but it features more aggressive styling cues that put it in line with the brand's recent design design language.

One of the D-R's most innovative features is that its resin body panels can be removed and replaced with a different set that gives the roadster a more sports car-like appearance.

On the inside, the uncluttered dashboard features a color touch-screen for the infotainment system and two combination switches mounted on the center console that are linked to the vehicle's climate control unit. To further tidy up the appearance, the instrument cluster has been replaced with a LCD screen that flashes vital information about the car.

Considered a kei car in its home country of Japan, the D-R is powered by a turbocharged two-cylinder gasoline-burning engine with a displacement of 660cc. Performance figures were not released but the roadster is said to be fully functional.

Regardless of whether or not the tiny DR is given the metaphorical green light for production, the car will certainly not be sold in the European Union: citing tough competition and the rising Japanese Yen, Daihatsu recently announced that it will leave Europe for good at the end of this year.

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