Paris LIVE: Peugeot's rakish Onyx concept

The Onyx is powered by a 680-horsepower hybrid drivetrain.

Billed as a functional prototype, the 680-horsepower Peugeot Onyx debuted today at the Paris Motor Show.

Low, wide and aerodynamic, the Onyx was developed as a heir to the all-wheel drive Oxia concept that Peugeot built in 1988. It is instantly recognizable as a member of the Peugeot family because it wears the automaker's signature floating grille. The car's body is a little more angular than that of Peugeot's current models but it gives the car an aggressive stance that bodes well with its sporty vocation.

Characterized by a futuristic look, the car's interior follows the body's angular theme. The rectangular steering wheel appears to be made out of carbon fiber and the gauges have been replaced by an LCD screen that features a speedometer, a tachometer and several warning lights.

Confirming an earlier rumor, the Onyx is powered by a HYbrid4 drivetrain that sends 680 horsepower to all four wheels. Located behind the rear seats, the car's main source of power is a HDi V8 turbodiesel engine that makes 600 horsepower. It works in conjunction with an 80-horsepower electric motor that is mounted over the car's front axle.

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