Fisker open to “strategic partners

Fisker could be looking to sign a deal with an industry partner.

Upstart electric vehicle maker Fisker says it is considering the idea of a strategic partnership. Fisker has struggled to find footing as an independent automaker, with an industry partnership representing one possible solution for future success.

In a recent interview Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz told Automotive News that the company has held talks with potential "strategic partners.” Posawatz added that beneficial tie-ups are "on our radar screen.”

Posawatz declined to specifically name any suitors or the possible terms of a strategic partnership. It remains possible that Fisker could even be holding acquisition talks with outside firms.

Although Fisker recently raised more than $100 million in private equity, cash flow remains an issue for the automaker. Fisker reportedly needed to raise $150 million to continue development of its smaller Atlantic sedan, and the company was recently denied the balance of a $529 million Department of Energy loan for failing to meet certain performance requirements. Signing a deal with an industry partner could be one way for Fisker to make up the difference.

Fisker rival Tesla Motors has inked a couple of key partnership deals over the last few months, including contracts with Daimler and Toyota. It remains unknown if Fisker is considering partnerships along those lines, but it sounds as if nothing is off the table at this point.

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