SEMA Live: Dodge brings out trio of modified Darts

Dodge brought out at least three modified versions of its latest compact, the Dart, to SEMA. The Dart Carbon Fire, Dart Leadfoot Blue, and Dart Slingshot all sport exterior mods, with some of them even getting performance parts bolted on as well.

The Carbon Fire, as its name gleefully implies, sports some carbon fiber in its diet, thanks to the one-off carbon fiber hood Chrysler refers to as a prototype piece. The so-called image vehicle also gets a charcoal grey exterior, Mopar satin black front chin spoiler and a Mopar satin black body kit. The headlights also get blacked out, as does the grille.

It's powered by an untouched 2.0-liter inline-four, though an unspecified suspension kit lowers the car over its aftermarket 19-inch wheels. The interior was also redone for the show with black trim pieces, controls, and inserts.

Next up, the Leadfoot Blue Dart showcases a number of Mopar accessories available for the car, most of them body pieces. The Cobalt Blue paint over a Light Blue Base reflects Mopar's colors, and the car wears 19-inch Mopar wheels that are said to be offered through the Mopar catalog soon. The Hot Rod hood, front and rear spoilers, rear diffuser, and side sills can all be purchased now, however.

Finally, the Dart Slingshot should appeal most to sport compact car performance enthusiasts. Dodge sees it as an SCCA showroom stock racer and equipped this image vehicle with a competition-spec roll cage, racing seats with six-point harnesses as well as a performance suspension setup. The 1.4-liter turbo engine doesn't seem to have any modifications done to it, but a throatier side exhaust is installed.

The car wears 17-inch wheels for lightness, while a Mopar carbon fiber hood further lowers overall weight.

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