NEVS to build convertible electric car based on Saab 9-3

A convertible electric car is said to come to the Chinese market within 18 months, with a wagon under consideration too.

When Swedish and Chinese consortium NEVS purchased Saab earlier this year, it promised to bring a 9-3-based electric vehicle to market. Now, it seems those plans have expanded to include a convertible version of the car as well.

The Dutch version of Autoweek learned from an interview with a NEVS spokesperson that the company may also produce a wagon (or SportCombi, in Saab-speak) version of the electric car in the future. Whether all three are put into production remains to be seen, however, and, at least initially, they will be relegated only to the Chinese market.

The same report also maintains that NEVS may bring back a more conventional, gasoline-engined 9-3 due to popular demand and quicker. As such, it needs to find a partner to supply these powertrains, since NEVS doesn't deal in internal combustion. Previously, former Saab owner GM supplied motive power for the Saab brand. The spokesman did say that there is a small chance a deal with GM will be struck, perhaps allowing NEVS to get GM power.

According to the spokesperson, NEVS is keeping its options open and is in talks with other carmakers as well.

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