Ford recalls 2013 Escape, Fusion over fire concerns

Ford is dealing with yet another problem with its 1.6L engine.

Ford is recalling more than 89,000 2013 Escape crossover and Fusion sedan models in the United States and Canada equipped with the automaker's 1.6L EcoBoost engine due to an overheating issue that could spark a vehicle fire.

Ford is recalling 73,320 Escapes and 15,833 Fusions in the U.S. and Canada after receiving several complaints of overheating engines and more than a dozen reports of engine fires. Ford is taking the issue very seriously, urging owners to "contact their dealer as soon as possible to arrange for alternative transportation.”

Ford has yet to reveal a cause for the overheating problem, but the automaker says that the vehicle cluster typically displays "Engine Power Reduced to Lower Temps” or "Engine over temp, stop safely” when the issue occurs. Ford notes that some drivers "also indicated that their instrument clusters sounded a chime and illuminated a red light.”

Ford spokesman Said Deep revealed to The Associated Press that the overheating issue has sparked at least 12 Escape fires and one blaze involving the Fusion sedan.

Ford is still working on a repair procedure to remedy the overheating issue.

"We have identified an issue and are taking actions in the best interest of our customers,” said Steve Kenner, director of Ford's Automotive Safety Office. "It is important that affected customers not ignore this recall and contact their dealer as soon as possible. While we recognize the inconvenience recalls cause our customers, we are taking these actions on their behalf to help ensure their safety.”

The latest recall marks the fourth safety campaign for the Escape since the redesigned crossover launched in June. Two of those previous recalls were issued over fire hazards related to the CUV's 1.6L engine.

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