Aston Martin to get AMG engines after Italian tie-up?

Aston Martin to get high-tech boost from AMG?

Italy's Investindustrial, a former owner of Ducati, and now a 38 percent stakeholder in Aston Martin could be bringing AMG engines to Aston Martin as part of its deal, reports Drive.

In addition to the $241 million it has agreed to pay Investment Dar, the parent company of Aston Martin, Investindustrial has also announced plans to tip in an additional $600 million into new product development over the next five years. However, the deal did not reveal any details of the proposed technical tie-up with AMG.

A high-ranking AMG official revealed to Drive, ahead of the Investindustrial deal, that Investindustrial had asked AMG if they would be prepared to supply AMG engines, gearboxes and electric componentary if they succeeded in their pitch for a share in Aston Martin. "They rang up and asked if they won the bid for Aston Martin would we be interested in being a technology partner," the unnamed AMG official told Drive. "We know these guys. They were behind Ducati, we had a marketing collaboration with them.”

Investindustrial's plans would have AMG-sourced hardware help replace some of the aging technology in current generation Aston Martins that includes an aging V12 used in the current Vanquish. "There is significant scope. It would be more than just powertrains. If you look at Aston Martin products today, it is clear that they need not only new powertrains with increased performance and improved emission capability but also electronic architectures as well,” the AMG source revealed.

At the time of writing, neither Aston Martin nor Investindustrial have discussed the details of their future plans for the struggling British icon. However, the introduction of state-of-art AMG engines and power trains would go along way ensuring that its next-generation of vehicles feature cutting edge technology as well as design.

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