First BMW i3 Coupe Concept video surfaces

New BMW i3 video shows the EV in motion and reveals more of the interior.

BMW has published the first video of the upcoming i3 Coupe Concept in full motion. Although the video is narrated by a North American, the figures supplied are in metric measurements, rather than the traditional imperial.

The i3 Coupe Concept is said to be four meters long with 400 liter trunk. According to the video, it has a range of up to 160km/h and can be fully charged in up to 6 hours. Its lithium ion battery cell pack can also reach 80 percent capacity on quick charge in just 30 minutes.

Total horsepower has previously been reported at 170 ponies while its high-torque EV power train produces 184 lb-ft of torque. It is also surprisingly light-weight for an EV, weighing in at just 1200 kilograms. It has an Eco mode that is said to 'significantly' increase its range.

BMW says that the emphasis on glass in its design is to convey a sense of lightness and promote visibility from within the car. Its short overhangs are also ideal for the urban environment, allowing it to fit into smaller parking spaces.

The interior gets its first more detailed account with sustainability and weight reduction key themes. All driving controls have been placed on the steering column, which is surrounded by materials made from plant fibers. The dashboard has been made from certified plantation European woods, while the leather trim has been naturally tanned.

The BMW i3 Coupe Concept is set to hit the road in late 2013.

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