Ferrari rules out SUV, sedan, entry-level model

\"You have to know whether you want to cook pasta or fish,\" summed up the brand with typical Italian flair.

Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo has announced that the company will not expand its lineup with mainstream models such as a SUV and a four-door sedan.

Speaking with Germany's Auto, Motor Und Sport magazine, di Montezemolo explained that SUVs and large sedans are incompatible with the Ferrari brand because they don't have the same emotional appeal as a two-door coupe. Ferrari wishes to remain a pure sports car manufacturer.

"You have to know whether you want to cook pasta or fish," summed up the chairman with typical Italian flair.

Although Rapide-fighting Ferrari has been officially ruled out, di Montezemolo pointed out that the task of developing a luxury sedan and a performance-focused SUV has been given to Maserati.

The Dino will not live again

Rumors of an entry-level Ferrari powered by a six-cylinder engine have been circulating around the media for nearly a decade. Ferrari's chairman settled the matter once and for all by saying bluntly that there will be no entry-level Ferrari.

"A small and cheap Ferrari is not a Ferrari - basta!," exclaimed di Montezemolo.

Brand DNA aside, di Montezemolo pointed out that the California has been a runaway success so there is no need for an entry-level model. However, Ferrari is looking at ways to expand the California lineup with several variants, including a four-seater.

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