VIDEOS: 2013 Super Bowl car ad roundup

Automakers spent a lot of money to be front and center in your living room. Here are the ads in case you missed \'em!

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl XLVII, but the millions spent on advertising revenue made for a whole different set of winners and losers.

With no ads from perennially big spending General Motors, the 2013 Super Bowl wasn't as car industry-heavy as in years past. Still, there were definitely some bright spots. Here's a roundup of every automaker ad that appeared during CBS' broadcast of the big game played in the Big Easy.

Which ad was your favorite? Your least favorite? Did the two minute Jeep and Ram ads tug at your emotions? Did the Audi ad make you chuckle? Did Lincoln's series of ads give you more confidence in the "new" Lincoln Motor Company? Which of Hyundai's four ads worked the best?

2013 Super bowl car ad roundup

Audi (S6) - "Prom"

Hyundai (Genesis) - "Excited"

Hyundai (Santa Fe) - "Epic Playdate"

Hyundai (Santa Fe) - "Team"

Hyundai (Sonata Turbo) - "Stuck"

Jeep (whole line) - "Whole Again"

Kia (Forte) - "Hotbots"

Kia (Sorento) - "Space Babies"

Lincoln (MKZ) - "Phoenix"

Lincoln (MKZ) - "Steer the Script"

Mercedes-Benz (CLA-Class) - "Soul"

Ram (whole line) - "Farmer"

Toyota (RAV4) - "Wish Granted"

Volkswagen (Beetle) - "Get In. Get Happy."

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