Geneva LIVE: Kia Provo hybrid AWD concept

The curiously-named hybrid concept might preview a Citroen DS3-fighting crossover.

Curiously named after one of the biggest cities in Utah, Kia's Geneva Motor Show debut takes the form of a three-door hatchback that is without a doubt one of the automaker's most aggressive-looking cars ever.

It features aerodynamic bumpers and programmable LED lighting on both ends, a highly-stylized body and an eye-catching two-tone paint job. A rear air diffuser and large center lock wheels complete the race-inspired look.

Passengers are treated to an aircraft-like cockpit that features several touch screens, a tasteful amount of chrome trim and a three-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel upholstered in Alcantra.

Under its hood, the Provo features a 1.6-liter, 201-horsepower four-cylinder turbo motor that sends power to all four wheels. A seven-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox is also included. While the 1.6-liter was cribbed from Kia's parts bin, the seven-speed dual clutch unit is a first for the brand.

The Provo's all-wheel-drive system actually consists of an electric motor to power the rear wheels, making the Provo a hybrid. Kia says that the electric motor adds as much as 43 horsepower to the small vehicle. In addition, a "creep" mode (its name probably wouldn't translate well to buyers in the U.S.) can propel the vehicle at low speeds using only the electric motor for emissions-free urban motoring.

The Provo is expected to spawn a Europe-only production model that will target Citroen's successful DS3 hatchback.

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