China's Chery launches new QQ city car

The Chery QQ is one of China\'s best-selling economy cars.

China's Chery has unveiled the next generation of the entry-level QQ. The pint-sized hatchback has been one of China's most popular economy cars since the first generation bowed in 2003.

To celebrate ten years on the market, the QQ adopts an entirely new design that includes more modern headlights and a 'smiling' front grille. Out back, the car gains a glass hatch that is similar to the one found on the Toyota Aygo, a sub-Yaris model that has spawned numerous imitations on the Chinese market.

The new QQ rides on the same platform as the current model but it is wider and longer. The two cars share the same 92-inch wheelbase.

The center console can be ordered in five different colors, creating a lively ambiance inside. Daytime running lamps, A/C, two airbags and a USB port come standard all but the cheapest trim levels.

For the time being, the only engine offered is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline-burning unit. Linked to either a five-speed manual or a five-speed automatic gearbox, it sends 69 horsepower to the front set of wheels. Additional engines and a CVT gearbox will reportedly be added later in the production run.

On sale now throughout China, Chery's new QQ carries a base price of 39,500 yuans (roughly $6,300). The car will likely land in Russia and Chile before the end of the year.

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