MINI planning lineup reshuffle?

MINI is rethinking its product range, and some models could be headed for the junkyard.

MINI's lineup currently includes no less than seven models, but just two - the Hardtop and Countryman - account for roughly 75 percent of the brand's sales volume.

With several models set to reach the end of their life cycles over the next few years, MINI is considering a rethink of its product range as it looks to further its sales growth.

Speaking with Edmunds, MINI USA vice president Jim McDowell revealed that while the brand will likely continue to offer at least seven distinct vehicles, some current models may not return for a new generation.

"When we start to replace models, I think you will see that we won't replace every model exactly," McDowell said.

"When I joined MINI, we knew that we would have two models. Ultimately, we (now) have seven. We are starting the next generation a year from now. We know that we will have a pretty broad lineup. You may actually put your chess pieces on the board differently if you know that you can have seven."

McDowell didn't specify which MINIs might be axed, but the slow-selling Coupe and Roadster models are likely strong possibilities. As MINI's volume sellers, the Hardtop and Countryman are definitely safe.

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