Self-driving cars may not arrive until 2025

The age of the autonomous vehicle is still more than a decade off.

Today's vehicles are packed full of semi-autonomous vehicle tech - including adaptive cruise control and automatic parking - but experts say self-driving vehicles won't arrive on the scene until 2025.

"2025 is the time frame where we see cars driving themselves," Christian Schumacher, head of Continental Automotive's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for the NAFTA region, told The Detroit News.

Although fully autonomous vehicles may still be a decade off, Schumacher foresees more self-driving tech permeating into the market over the next few years. For example, we could see technology that could take over driving in traffic jams within the next five years or so.

Several states have already issued self-driving licenses, but there are still plenty of hurdles to cross before the technology becomes mainstream. Although autonomous technology is advancing at a blistering pace, lawmakers and insurers are still grappling with the legal side of cars zooming around on their own.

"If one accident happens as a result of automation," Schumacher said during a panel discussion Tuesday in Detroit, "then we're having a totally new discussion."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently conducting a 2-3 year study on self-driving vehicle, with the hope that rules can be formed at the end of that time period.

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