VW launches extended-bed Amarok pickup

The Amarok Double Cab XXL gains 13 inches of sheetmetal behind the passenger compartment.

Volkswagen has quietly lifted the veil off of an extended-bed variant of its Europe-only Amarok pickup truck. Appropriately called Amarok Double Cab XXL, the truck is largely aimed at commercial buyers who need to haul around bulky items, and emergency services who are after a capable, all-terrain ambulance.

Only offered with four doors, the Amarok XXL gains 13 extra inches of sheetmetal behind the passenger compartment, stretching the bed's total length to 87 inches and making it possible to carry an ATV or a person lying down on a stretcher. The extra length adds a visible crease in the bodywork in front of the rear wheels.

The rest of the truck is identical to the regular-production Amarok outside and inside, where it retains the long-wheelbase model's five-passenger capacity. The cockpit wears a simple and rather bland design that is typical of commercial vehicles in Europe.

Buyers can choose between a 140-horsepower and a 180-horsepower variant of Volkswagen's 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI mill. The 140-horsepower mill is only available with a six-speed manual transmission while the uprated 180-pony unit can be linked to an eight-speed automatic. Both two- and four-wheel drive variants are offered.

Scheduled to go on sale in Europe over the coming weeks, the Amarok XXL will carry a base price of €30,600 (roughly $40,00) in its home country of Germany before taxes are factored in.

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