VW board member: XL1 to cost 111,000 euros

VW\'s XL1 will be one expensive plug-in.

New technology never comes cheap, and that will hold true for Volkswagen's radical XL1 plug-in hybrid.

In a recent interview with Germany's Wirtschafts Woche, VW board member Ulrich Hackenberg revealed just how much the XL1 will cost when it hits the European market early next year - a cool 111,000 euros, or 146,600 when converted to U.S. dollars.

Although seemingly a lot to pay for a hybrid city car, the XL1 is packed with technology, including a carbon fiber monocoque, seven-speed dual clutch transmission and lithium-ion battery pack. The XL1 promises to return better than 230 miles per gallon.

Buyers won't get much in the way of creature comforts for that six-digit price tag - the XL1 uses things like crank windows to save on weight - but the plug-in will at least be exclusive. VW says it will only build 250 examples of the XL1.

If you don't quite have the scratch to buy an XL1, be sure to read our driving impression of the supercar of a different sort.

Photo by Nat Shirley.

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