Nissan GT-R to get Williams-designed hybrid drivetrain?

The hybrid GT-R will bow in 2015 at the earliest.

A new report finds the next generation of Nissan's GT-R super car will pack a hybrid drivetrain developed jointly by Nismo and England's Williams Hybrid Power.

The hybrid system will reportedly take the form of an electromechanical composite flywheel designed to capture kinetic energy generated when the car is braking and store it in a compact lithium-ion battery pack. The energy is transferred back to the wheels when the car accelerates, providing a brief boost.

Billed as simple, reliable and efficient, the system was designed by Williams to use on Formula 1-bound cars but the firm ended up providing it to Audi for use on its Le Mans-winning R18 e-tron race car and to Porsche for the 911 GT3 RSR Hybrid.

How much extra power the GT-R will get from the hybrid system is not known but it is expected to be noticeable. In addition to more grunt, the hybrid GT-R will boast aerodynamic add-ons all around and several of its body panels will be crafted out of lightweight composite materials.

Nissan has not commented on the matter but rumors indicate the hybrid GT-R could land in showrooms across the globe in 2015 at the earliest. If a recent trademark application is to be believed, it will arrive wearing an R-Hybrid badge.

Williams and Nismo are currently working on a hotter version of the GT-R that will turn the dial up to 11 in terms of raw power and performance. Expected to bow at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, the Nismo GT-R is rumored to hit 60 mph from a stop in two seconds flat, making it the world's quickest car.

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