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Giveaway: Win a SuperTooth HD Voice Bluetooth kit!

by Matt Sargent

We\'re giving away a high tech Bluetooth device - details inside!

With more and more states cracking down on talking on cell phones while driving, it's becoming harder to stay connected while on the go.

There are two remedies to this problem: one is to own a car that has built-in Bluetooth, and the other is to own a Bluetooth device like a headset or speaker that can be used for a hands-free talking and driving experience. Since the introduction of hands-free car kits in 2001, they have come a long way in quality and functionality. The SuperTooth HD Voice is the latest in this evolution, and Leftlane has one to give away to our readers.

The SuperTooth HD Voice is a Bluetooth hands-free car kit that can be quickly paired to any Bluetooth device. Installation is insanely simple, since it can be clipped directly to a sun visor. Just clip it to the sun visor in the car, pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and begin making hands-free calls in any type of vehicle.

What really makes the HD Voice stand out in the crowd is its ability to verbalize pairing instructions and announce callers in 12 languages. It also features two speakers and two microphones for enhanced sound quality at both ends of the call. When receiving a call, the HD Voice will announce the name of the caller, and it can be answered by saying "OK". It will also announce the battery level, connection status and GPS instructions in all of the 12 languages offered.

The SuperTooth HD Voice retails for $89 and can be purchased directly from SuperTooth and a variety of other online retailers.

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