One-off Ford Shelby GT500 wagon in the works

Yacht builder Strand Craft is converting a Shelby GT500 into a station wagon. No, it isn\'t April fools\' day yet.

In an unlikely development, yacht builder Strand Craft USA has announced plans to create a one-off, Ford Shelby GT500-based station wagon.

Best known in the automotive world for its (as yet unfulfilled) plans to create bespoke V12-powered supercars as tenders for its yachts, Strand Craft has released a single rendering of the wagon but little in the way of concrete details.

The firm does say that the standard Shelby GT500's supercharged 5.8-liter V8 will be retained, albeit with (unspecified) modifications that push output to 850 horsepower. The upgraded mill will rocket the cargo-friendly muscle car from zero-to-60 mph in a claimed 3.3 seconds.

Inside, revisions will include Recaro seats, a 1,000-watt McIntosh sound system and dashboard-to-trunk leather upholstery.

The conversion process will be handled not by Strand Craft itself, but by an unnamed "world-renowned car builder” in Los Angeles. No word on price, but the GT500 wagon will reportedly be finished and ready for a new home in April.

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