SEMA 2013: Leftlane's 'Worst of Show'

This 300 left us shaking our heads.

The SEMA Show is Las Vegas had plenty of highlights this year, including the return of the COPO Camaro and a Honda Odyssey minivan with over 1,000 horsepower, but there were also a number of misses, including our Worst of Show - a Chrysler 300 modified to look like a Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe.

From afar the lime green 300 rolling on dubs might look like the model of perfection to a Red Bull-swilling SEMA attendee, but take a closer look and you'll be sure to be disappointed. For starters, the donked 300 isn't based on any of the HEMI models, but rather the base car with a wheezy 2.7L V6. We doubt the aftermarket cold air intake has added any dazzle to the 300's performance.

Things get worse in the 300's cabin, where all attention to detail has been omitted. The car's steering wheel (which is foam rather than leather-wrapped) is inexplicably covered in white overspray and that big, center-mounted screen in the dash is actually felt. Yes, felt.

Move farther down the stack and you notice a cheap-looking aftermarket radio, a missing cover on the shift knob and ill-fitting switches.

The 300 doesn't gain any points for comfort, either, as the car's standard seats have been replaced with fiberglass units that wouldn't look out of place in an amusement park ride.

The rear of the 300's body kit features dual exhaust cutouts, but the car retains its stock, single outlet setup.

If there was ever a car that epitomizes the evils of SEMA, this modified 300 is it.

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