Analyst: GM will buy Tesla next year [Video]

Will GM make a huge splash next year by buying Tesla Motors?

There is no question that General Motors is keeping an eye on Tesla Motors. In fact, the Detroit-based automaker has openly admitted to creating a special task force to monitor the up-start electric vehicle maker. But, according to a prediction by Yra Harris of Praxis Trading, GM could take its Tesla obsession to a whole new level in 2014.

Speaking in an interview with CNBC, Harris boldly predicted that GM could make a run at purchasing Tesla next year. Harris even went as far as to call Tesla "a perfect fit” for GM.

Although unsubstantiated, Harris noted that the acquisition could make sense for both companies. GM's purchase of Tesla would give the company access to cutting-edge plug-in technology as well as a growing brand, while Tesla could benefit from GM's established retail and service networks.

Rumors have also been swirling that Apple could be interested in Tesla, but, at least from a practical standpoint, GM would likely be a better fit for the California-based company.

GM buying Tesla is certainly a long-shot at this point, but it would make for one of the more interesting automotive tie-ups in recent memory.

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