Cadillac ATS to gain convertible, wagon variants?

Cadillac is weighing more bodystyles for its entry-level ATS.

Cadillac has confirmed that it will expand its ATS range beyond the sedan, the coupe that debuted today in Detroit, and the upcoming high-performance ATS-V.

Speaking with Automotive News on the sidelines of the Detroit show, Cadillac global chief Bob Ferguson revealed that there will "absolutelyā€¯ be another ATS variant after the launch of the ATS-V.

Convertible and wagon models are under consideration to help Cadillac better match up with brands like BMW and Mercedes, which pepper the compact luxury segment with a plethora of bodystyles and vehicle configurations.

"You've made the investment. You've built a brand within a brand," Ferguson said. "If you have a winner, you should exploit that and offer variations."

Ferguson's comments indicate a shift in Cadillac's wagon strategy - the brand had previously intended to abandon the bodystyle altogether after the slow-selling last-generation CTS wagon is put out the pasture later this year.

Conversely, Cadillac has been mulling a drop-top ATS for some time. Back in 2012, GM North America president Mark Reuss stated that plans were in place for a convertible, though the company was delaying a final decision on production.

We'll keep an ear to ground and let you know as soon as Cadillac decides on the next addition to the ATS lineup.

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