Land Rover promises next Defender "more desirable to look at"

Land Rover has promised that its Defender will get a fresh look that is \"more desirable to look at.\"

Despite recent rumors pointing to the end of Land Rover's Defender, the company now promises to deliver a new generation that focuses on aesthetics. With current sales around 20,000 units per year, Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern has set a high goal of 100,000 units per year following the refresh.

"We are still making the business case, ultimately the new model will have to wash its face," McGovern said, according to quotes published by the Shropshire Star. "The current Defender has never sold on its design and has changed very little over the years. What we are working on is something that will be more desirable to look at."

The new design has yet to be revealed, though it is said to have a "distinctive silhouette" without looking "overtly functional." McGovern cautions, however, that Defender traditionalists will probably not like it.

"But they'll have to live with it," he said. "It will still be as capable as before and there will be references to the old model. It might even have a spare wheel on the back."

Aside from the body changes, the next generation also promises to be lighter, more aerodynamic and a better value proposition.

Land Rover does not expect the new Defender to arrive for at least another two years. The company previously said the current generation is set to cease production in 2015.

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