2015 Toyota Camry styling details emerge

An FR-S-inspired nose and a Lexus-inspired rear are reportedly in the works.

More details have surfaced regarding the mid-generational refresh of the Toyota Camry. Back in January it was reported that Toyota sought to inject "emotional” and "impactful” styling into its best-selling sedan, and that it would challenge the expectations of a traditional mid-model change.

Now it seems we have the answer on what that is to entail: inspiration from the Scion FR-S sports car, according to AutoGuide. What that means in practice, it appears, is pointier headlights and a large lower grille dropping to the leading edge of the chin spoiler à la 2014 Toyota Corolla. The report further details that the grille will be mesh and bring the Camry's look in line with that of the updated Corolla and Avalon.

Furthermore, the rear will bear closer resemblance to the Lexus ES, which will likely mean more traditional tail lights than the odd boomerang-shaped units found on the current Camry.

The interior, which has been lagging behind that of rivals of late, has been reportedly been improved, with better styling and technology than the Honda Accord. Top trim levels may get a new instrument binnacle with configurable TFT screen.

No improvements have been reported on powertrain options. If it is indeed to be unveiled at the NY International Auto Show next month we will have the full report then.

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