BMW intros "artificial G-force" channeled through A/C vents [April Fools]

\"Driving slow never felt so fast.\"

BMW is celebrating April 1 by introducing its "Force Injection Booster," an artificial G-force technology that "simulates the effects of spirited driving, even when traveling at slower speeds, to create a thrilling ride.

The technology is said to activate at speeds under 20 mph, extracting positive kinetic energy from the engine and converting it into positive g-forces that are channeled through the air-conditioning vents. "Mild electric current" is also delivered through the front seats to further simulate the feeling of driving at high speed.

Professor Mika NotbetrΓΌ, fictional Head of BMW Innovation and April Fools pranks, describes FIB technology as "mind-blowingly unbelievable."

An image accompanying the press release shows a driver, child and the family dog with faces distorted by the artificial g-force, however BMW promises the facial alterations are not permanent.

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