Mercedes F1 team to help with road car development

The future looks bright for Mercedes\' AMG cars.

Mercedes-Benz is planning to lean on its F1 racing division for greater technical input on the development of its road-going vehicles, a top company executive has confirmed.

After wrapping up development of the company's latest hybrid-assisted 1.6L V6 powerplant for F1 racing, the Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains facility - located in Brixworth, UK - now has a bit of extra time on its hands. Not wanting the Brixworth crew to sit idly, Mercedes will task the facility with helping develop the next-generation of AMG performance cars.

"That's already decided. Especially in combination with AMG there are some new ideas of what we can do together,” Thomas Weber, head of Mercedes-Benz development, told Autocar.

He added: "Now with this really qualified team of engineers [at Brixworth], I have some ideas to do some of the advanced engineering studies and advanced development activities, and maybe also production of high-end models. The reason we can play this card is because Brixworth boss Andy Cowell reports direct to me."

Brixworth has already had a hand in some road car development, such as the powertrain for the AMG SLS Electric Drive. Given the facility's expertise in hybrid technology, it seems likely that's we'll see a hybrid-powered AMG product sometime in the not-too-distant future.

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